by Luther Van Dam

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released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Luther Van Dam Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Searching 4 U (Focus)
Searching 4 you
I can't find you
And I miss you
Track Name: Need U Now (Trust) Ft. No1mportant
My hero removes his cape
To lay his head to rest on my hand me down sofa
It's been a long day of time fighting and
Billionaire villains have worn him out
My lady watches in disbelief for
Circumstances as such seem so unfamiliar

Her hero has no known weaknesses (weaknesses)
She must flee to unfamiliar territory
I must follow to maintain familiarity
I must leave my hero to save himself
Then I realize
He's a slave himself
I'll be back in a cave myself
To take you out of here (take you out of here)
Take you far away from here

Chasing glory
Racing; soaring
To make a story
Faith endorsed in
Fate ignoring
Nobodies waiting for me
Nobodies weight is for me
Nobodies taking this from me

Trying to release the preconceived needed notion I need to smile
Try to compete with each unkeen demeaning emotion that leaves me riled
Trying to unleash ya child please remain seated it may be a while
I need you now
(I need you now)
Track Name: Rocket League (Believe)
You can't hold me down
Goodbye gravity,
I'll never touch the ground
Goodbye gravity
You'll never hold me down
Goodbye gravity
I'll never come around